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Why Moses Baskets?

Moses Baskets are the modern version of the basket mentioned in the Bible, in which Moses himself was set afloat on the Nile as a baby. Used as a cozy and portable bed for sleep for newborn babies, they can be carried easily and laid down wherever required. Studies have shown that babies are comforted by confined spaces – as the recent evacuation of a warm and cosy space from Mum’s tummy to the big wide world can be daunting! Indeed, many children experience a better quality of sleep when they can feel boundaries around them, and at a standard size of approx. 70cm x 40cm, baby too can stretch out to feel around them and fall back to sleep...

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Newborn Sleep Essentials

The newborn essentials that every new mum needs to help their little ones sleep for longer. Being a new mum is an amazing feeling. From the moment your new bundle of joy is placed into your arms, an unbreakable bond is formed. You now have a tiny little person that relies on you to keep them alive during their early years and be by their side at every stage of their life. It’s a big job!  However, if you’re new to parenthood, it can be extremely daunting and overwhelming, especially when it comes to getting your little ones into a good sleeping routine. Although there’s no instruction book telling you how to be a good mum, you’ll quickly discover that...

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