Newborn Sleep Essentials

The newborn essentials that every new mum needs to help their little ones sleep for longer.

Being a new mum is an amazing feeling. From the moment your new bundle of joy is placed into your arms, an unbreakable bond is formed.

You now have a tiny little person that relies on you to keep them alive during their early years and be by their side at every stage of their life. It’s a big job! 

However, if you’re new to parenthood, it can be extremely daunting and overwhelming, especially when it comes to getting your little ones into a good sleeping routine.

Although there’s no instruction book telling you how to be a good mum, you’ll quickly discover that there are a whole host of newborn essentials to help you along the way, including those designed to help your little ones to sleep for longer.

After all, as a new mum, it’s important that you get enough rest whilst your baby is sleeping too!

Swaddle Sleeping Bag


 Image courtesy of Ergo Baby

Allowing your baby to enjoy a comfortable, relaxing and peaceful night’s sleep, swaddle sleeping bags have been designed to help your little ones sleep longer and sounder.

But that’s not all… your baby will wiggle about a lot in their Moses basket or cot, and a swaddle style sleeping bag will help them to remain in one place and of course it will also prevent your newborn from pulling their blankets up over their face or wriggling under their blanket.

Oh and their practical two-way zipper makes midnight nappy changes so much easier!

We love this spring/autumn version from Ergo Pouch (£34.99)

Moses basket

Image courtesy of @olaj_arel on Instagram (she is stunning, you should all follow her J)

Perfect for newborn babies, Moses baskets offer a comfy, safe and cosy space for your baby to sleep, dream and relax, during the day and at night.

Their lightweight and secure design also mean that you can easily transport your baby basket from room to room. After all, your baby will be sleeping during the day, as well as at night so it’s important that they always have a safe base.

They are also perfect for keeping by your bedside during those early days and weeks, ensuring that your baby is also nearby for those night feeds and nappy changes.  

Lovingly handmade, beautifully designed for your precious little one. Choose one of three designs here Love & Cocoon (£180 – 200 depending on mattress)

Baby Bedtime Massage Oil



Image courtesy of Waitrose

Massage oils will be a lifesaver during the first few months of being a new mum, especially when it comes to settling your little one and enhancing that all important bonding experience.

Incorporate a massage into your baby’s everyday bed routine, and your baby should settle far more quickly into a peaceful night’s sleep.

We adore the recently redesigned and reformulated range by Waitrose and we are ecstatic that the entire range midwife approved too.  Their soothing massage oil (£3) is beautiful and if you hurry it is currently 25% off.


White noise generator

Image courtesy of myHummy

In recent years, white noise generators have become increasingly popular when it comes to soothing your baby to sleep.

There are a wide range of products available which offer a selection of ambient womb sounds, nature sounds and songs that have been designed to encourage your baby to drift off into a sound, undisturbed sleep. Many also incorporate light projectors play functions and handy timers.

My Hummy’s White Snoozy (£49) is absolutely delightful.


Baby hammock

Image courtesy of Amby

Similar to an adult hammock, a baby hammock provides a cosy sleeping space that has been proven to help your little ones to settle themselves to sleep.

How beautiful is this one from Amby (£109.95)


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