Why Moses Baskets?

Moses Baskets are the modern version of the basket mentioned in the Bible, in which Moses himself was set afloat on the Nile as a baby. Used as a cozy and portable bed for sleep for newborn babies, they can be carried easily and laid down wherever required.

Studies have shown that babies are comforted by confined spaces – as the recent evacuation of a warm and cosy space from Mum’s tummy to the big wide world can be daunting! Indeed, many children experience a better quality of sleep when they can feel boundaries around them, and at a standard size of approx. 70cm x 40cm, baby too can stretch out to feel around them and fall back to sleep quicker if they’re feeling a little rattled for whatever reason.

However, it’s of course not always possible to head back to the bedroom every time your baby needs to snooze, and that’s where a Moses Basket comes in handy. The hard-wearing leather-wrapped handles make it easy to move your sleeping beauty around the house and pop them down wherever you can fit them on the floor for napping whilst you’re, well, getting on with life!

A Moses Basket also allows for baby to be in the same room as you while you’re sleeping without any worry of rolling over onto them and still being close enough to comfort as required.

It’s an unfortunate medical fact that babies are at the greatest risk of SIDS in their first few weeks, and therefore a supportive mattress and sleeping environment that can support but not stifle bone growth is imperative.

Hypoallergenic mattresses are best to avoid any residual respiratory issues with your little one, but natural fibres can be just as supportive as man-made. Moses Baskets need bespoke fitted mattresses based on their shape and style, but high street options all too often come with just a cheap foam liner – and your baby deserves so much more.

Fabric with micro-capsules of aloe provide a soothing, anti-bacterial and moisture absorbing surface for your baby to settle onto and will encourage restful sleep and deep relaxation. It’s also cooling, so you should experience less over-night wake-up-calls as baby won’t be prone to overheating and instead will find it easier to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature. Similarly, Moses Basket mattresses made with bamboo yarn are naturally deodorising and have natural moisture wicking properties, for a comfortable dry slumber even in warmer rooms. You may have a bit of a cold, but baby needs not to catch it!

The best Moses Baskets are handmade by those who use them themselves and have done for generations. Ghana is famed for traditionally weaving and using Moses Baskets for all babies, and the Ghanaian’s expertise and quality cannot be matched by mainstream mass-produced products. Moses Baskets made with love weaved in are truly set apart from any others.

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