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What is it?
Yaya is our limited edition pink and orange cross-checkered Moses basket which forms part of a range of stunningly designed and expertly handwoven baby Moses baskets lovingly created by traditional artisans in Africa. These handcrafted baskets are designed to be practical and durable providing maximum comfort and safety for your precious newborn. Beautiful piece with awesome heirloom quality.
What is it made of?
Handles: Wrapped in leather
Basket: Locally and abundantly harvested organic elephant grass with natural dyes
And you have a choice between our bespoke fit 'Bamboo' or 'Aloe' organic hypoallergenic mattresses.
How big is it?
It is approximately 70cm wide, 40 deep and 25 high.
Who makes these baskets?
Our baskets are made by an amazing group of talented weavers in a village in Ghana, the group consists of both men and women who have developed this phenomenally creative skill which has been passed down from generations and is being passed down to their children with hopes of creating a lasting legacy that will benefit their children.
Where do you ship?
We ship our baskets all over the world.
Why Fairtrade?
We wholeheartedly believe in fair-trade working closely with the traditional artisans and focusing on their social and economic independence. The fact that we engage in fairtrade means you are integral in improving lives and protecting the environment. Trading ethically means we help provide education, healthcare and clean water for men, women and children in Africa. We also ensure these artisans and community weaving centers are in a safe and fair environment.
Beautifully designed, Thoughtfully sourced, Traditionally handcrafted.